The Kaylor Kids

The Kaylor Kids
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011

second day of school!

No one was feeling super great, its stormy and yucky outside so we decided to snuggle in and watch a movie.
Then we went ahead and continued our studies on the frog life cycle. we watched this video then the kids did the assignment at the end.

The kids also are deciding what to eat for supper and we will all prepare it together using exact measurements etc. The girls have done arts and crafts all afternoon! Hopefully tomorrow we will all feel better and do a bunch of math etc. Today though, we are relaxing and enjoying learning!
love, jl the momma

Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29, 2011

It's day one of school! We started off by having family prayer and going over our theme for the year, D&C 4: 5-6 and we will be learning about these Godly attributes as we go through the school year.
For literature this year we are doing a couple of things, we are doing the Alpha Project from and also we will be choosing good books to read throughout the year. This morning we started the Alpha Project with a small quote by Stephen Grellet a french born Quaker Minister called " I shall not pass this way again". The kids thought about it and this is what they have to say about the quote :

Dylan- Since he's talking about living life once, be nice to people because you only get one life- you don't get to re-do it, time machines are not part of Heavenly Father's plan.

Marlee- I liked the part about being kind and trying to be like him. Try harder to do kindness every day since we only have one chance.

Sydney- You can only live one life, so you should live the best life you can- do everything you can to be like Jesus.

Next we worked on science. Yesterday we went to Quincy with grandma and grandpa kaylor and bought three big tadpoles to add to our 55 gallon aquarium. One of the tadpoles is still pretty fishy looking, one has back legs, and one has front and back legs! We are learning from and we talked today about the first three steps, frogs mate, spawning, then the life span of the eggs and when they hatch etc. The kids had to write the three steps in their notebooks and we discussed each one in length then looked at pictures of frog eggs etc and the whole life cycle. Tomorrow we will begin studying the actual tadpoles, which will include pictures of our new tadpoles!!!

For creative writing today, the kids wrote letters to their penpals. Dylan's lives in Arizona, and believe it or not but Syd's lives in Arizona too, just in a different city! Marlee doesn't have one yet, so she is writing her cousin Elizabeth. The kids did good jobs today writing their first penpal letters of the year!!!

We discussed the chores each child will have each day. They each have one or two chores that they are responsible for each day then they are responsible for their rooms. The chores will be completed after school time and before play time :)

Right now is lunch break. We had alot of first day of school discussing to do this morning , hehe, so we didnt get as much work done this morning as we usually will. So since we did so much of the first day of school discussing etc, we are going to spend rest of day reading, playing outside, watching the tadpoles and watching a really old movie, the first Cheaper by the Dozen from 1950! A great way to slide into a new school year! :) love, jl the momma

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tomorrow is the First Day of School!!

This year we have decided to keep records on a blog, also the kids will be doing book reports etc and writing on the blog so they can get good computer skills! We have a great year planned out ahead of us!! We are excited and pumped up and we know this is what Heavenly Father wants us to do!! We have our theme for the year. We have the books. We have the school supplies. We have the willpower! We are ready!!
Love, JL, the momma.