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The Kaylor Kids
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 2012

Ok, time to get serious about keeping records. I read the Missouri Homeschool Laws last night and boy howdy Im behind on logging hours etc. Hopefully they can tell by all the paperwork and art projects and our ridiculously long library list etc... hehe! Ok, for today....
Gospel: Reading a story from the friend then kids will write in their scripture journals about it.
Math: dylan: subtraction with regrouping ( we are going back over basic skills because he is ready to start algebra) watch video then do two worksheets to brush up on skills.
girls: subtracting whole numbers ( once again, we are just going down the line of videos for developmental math to make sure we havent missed anything!) and they each have a practice worksheet.
History: I have printed out the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution from the national archives. We will be reading over these. Discussing them. This is part of our election unit study. we have been studying how America votes and elects a new president. I want the kids to know the history of our country, and how it used to be. Kind of makes it sad ya know?
Science: video elements and atoms. We are doing chemistry right now and LOVING it. We have a bunch of chemistry experiments and kits, so we are going over the basics then we are going to go crazy with experiments...I will take pics!!
Copywork:  Family quote from LDS Copywork Yahoo group for Thursday Feb 9th.
Spelling: Review lists!!! Test tonight! :)
Writing/ language arts: The 8 parts of Speech.
We will probably also go ahead and start the new music appreciation course textbook I bought and of course they will be reading their literature books etc. :)
Off to do school!!!!