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The Kaylor Kids
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

School Update January 2012

Wow, I am truly awful at keeping up with this blog. We just DO school and I never take the time to record it. Ok, so we have been working hard this month. Some of the things we've been doing is: learning about respect, love, Samuel and how he listened, preparing for the sacrament, etc and Marlee is giving a talk in primary sunday about the gift of agency. We've been doing workbook pages and multiplication flash cards for math... we are getting ready to start Khan Academy for math, super excited. For literature the kids have been reading billions of books from the library, i tried to write down each book they read, for a reading log for january, but ran out of room... theyve already read over 50 books each... and its the 25th of january. not just baby books.... we are talking chapter books folks! Marlee has been reading little house on the prairie to keith each night out loud, about a chapter and a half. then dylan and syd each are reading to him... Dylan is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin fever and syd picks one of her library books. they've been doing their spelling tests and they like doing spelling bees, especially marlee because she can spell anything. lol. For history we have been learning alot about how america's elections work etc because this is an election year. we've been using some neat books like " how america votes" and also websites. Dylan watched a neat program about the core of the earth which he then told us about, so that was kind of a sciency thing. We've been doing chemistry in science. experiments and memorizing the periodic table of elements. theyve pretty much mastered cursive, except dylan hates it, so he still wants to just write in manuscript, but he does know how to do cursive lol. They have all three been learning typing thru this neat bbc game and seriously, they are amazing me because they do so great at it!!! copywork has been on gratitude. theyve been learning new primary songs for music. I cant even think of all the things theyve been doing just off the top of my head. I really need to get better at record keeping. We just have so much fun doing the school!! :)
love, jl