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The Kaylor Kids
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Monday, September 26, 2011

croupy kids

So all three kids are sick with croup. Praying the nebulizer doesnt break down!! We are still trucking away though with school. Today we did an educational movie day and reading the books theyve been assigned. That way they could still rest and try to get their bodies healthy!!! We are planning a unit on the missouri state government this week..... trying and praying that they will be better enough to take a field trip to the capital on friday!!! we might have a ride... and if theyre better it would ROCK!

So, basically they've been doing their assigned workbooks and reading their books and doing little projects here and there, its been fun past couple of weeks. I need to get pics and stuff uploaded on here. The other night we listened to a band downtown and identified instruments and types of music ( ragtime, waltz etc) that was super fun for me, hehehe. I love music. All three kids are showing major talent with piano and it's exciting to see them play and learn. The reason theyre sick is because they have been outside playing constantly... they've learned how to play all kinds of fun games with the neighbor kids, dodgeball, kickball, red rover, the yard is always full of kids playing. They ride bikes and jump on the trampoline. The pool is down for the summer, boo, but its freezing so we wouldnt be swimming anyway!

Update on the tadpoles.... we have one adorable frog who loves his little ledge in the big tank, and two bunk tadpoles lol! They arent even growing legs! But it's been fun and all the fish are neat. Hmm... we've been keeping up with our scripture study and we are all learning sooo much, and the alpha project from school of abraham. Basically it's a good school year so far with so many more fun things to learn. Soon we will be starting a zoo unit, and really getting into learning everything we can about animals and their habitats and everything, then of course a tripto the zoo!!! The fall is a great time to go! The animals are usually out and it's less crowded and more fun!

Ok, off to go put sick kids to bed, poor babies!!!!! :(
love, jl the momma

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